Welcome to another edition of Made in Manitoba on this Mother's Day weekend. This weekend we also welcome back Billy Simard. The singer-songwriter, who calls Winnipeg home, has been playing since he was about 6 years old. His earliest memories of music were listening to an old, battery powered radio in the isolated Manitoba community he grew up in.

Over the years, Billy has found a musical home somewhere between country and adult contemporary, and describes his sound as "Americana", something we'll talk about during the show.

We're featuring music from his latest album "Pieces of Honey", a deeply personal album which includes a song written by his Uncle, and a song inspired by his late grandmother, "She Lives On In Me", which reflects on some of the memories he has as a young boy in Manigotagan , and the difficult life his grandmother lived.

It's Billy Simard and "Pieces of Honey" on Made in Manitoba this weekend, and you can listen to the program, below.