Over $5.1M is going to communities of Springfield-Ritchot for arts, culture, and sports. 

The provincial government announced the funding on Saturday. 

“I am pleased and proud to support this growth in my community”, said Ron Schuler, MLA for Springfield-Ritchot. “This funding shows that the communities of Springfield-Ritchot are vibrant, dynamic communities that have much to offer Manitoba as a whole. One project in particular that I want to highlight is the Springfield Community Recreation Centre, which is being provided $4.7 million dollars. This funding will enable the communities of Springfield-Ritchot to be places where people will want to raise their families for generations to come.”

The Ste. Agathe Arena is getting $300,000 for a new ice plant, something that desperately needs replacing. 

Arena Board President Josh Pawluk spoke with us last week and said they are looking at costs up to $800,000. 

With funding commitment from the R.M. of Ritchot, corporate sponsorships, some grant money and this provincial contribution, they are now closer to their goal at $575,000.

Manitoba Minister Obby Khan announces funding for Springfield recreation centreMLA Ron Schuler and Minister Obby Khan with Springfield Mayor Patrick Therrien and Springfield Community Recreation Center Fundraising Chair Mike Witkowitz. (Photo submitted)

Overall, Springfield-Ritchot will receive a total of $5,160,960 dollars in funding. 

Below is a breakdown of all funding provided: 

- Municipality of Springfield: 

o Municipality of Springfield will be receiving $4,700,000 dollars for Springfield Community Recreation Centre 

o Springfield Polo Club Inc. will be receiving $20,000 dollars for an International Polo Tournament and $25,000 dollars for a Polo Pavilion. 

o Sunrise Performing Arts Centre of Excellence (SPACE) Inc. will be receiving $25,000 dollars for Expanding, Diversifying and Enriching the Arts in the Community. 

o The Manitoba Horse Council will be receiving $25,000 dollars for an Equestrian Facility Rehabilitation. 

- RM of Ritchot: 

o St. Agathe Arena Inc. will be receiving $300,000 dollars for an Ice Plant Replacement. 

o Grande Pointe Homeowners Association will be receiving $7,500 dollars for a Multi-Sport Field Development 

o Club IDC Club Inc. will be receiving $15,000 dollars for Facility Improvements. 

o Centre Sportif St. Adolphe Sports Centre Inc. will be receiving $18,500 dollars for an Over-Ice Camera System and TV 

o Seine River Minor Baseball will be receiving $24,960 dollars for Field and Facility Improvements.