17 farms have been hit, and 116 animals have died. The anthrax outbreak in Manitoba continues to impact an ever larger area.  To date, 116 animals have died on 17 farms.  Sandra Stephens is a disease control specialist with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.  She says most of the incidents have occured in the RMs of Stuartburn and Franklin, but also in Hanover, La Broquerie and Piney.  And a case showed up this week in the RM of Brokenhead, near Beausejour, where a horse died of anthrax.  Stephen adds judging by the amount of vaccine being imported into Canada, a significant number of producers are taking steps to protect their herds.  The cost of a shot is just over $2.  Anthrax spores occur naturally in the soil and become activated in weather like we've had this summer.