When the calendar flips to the month April, golfers are anxiously counting down the days to the beginning of the golf season.

Unfortunately April started off way too uncomfortably cold and didn't heat up until the end of the month.

Which meant the Quarry Oaks golf course didn't open until May 3rd.

'It's a slow motion spring," said Quarry greens superintendent Wilf Peters. "The golf course fared reasonably well but we had such a dry fall going in and this was probably one of the driest Aprils on record. It is greening up but rain would definitely be welcome."

How much moisture?

"Superintendents are pretty fussy, it should be a soaker," chuckled Peters. "What we've had in the past is downpours but really an inch of rain I don't think would hurt anyone right now."

The latest project Peters and his crew are working on at the 27-hole layout near Steinbach is the waste area on the par five second hole on the Oak 9.

"When you drive into the property everbody kinds of sees that and it's been a bit of an eyesore for some years. We've had that shaped and we'll do some drainage work. Then we'll get some coarse sand into there which is typically in the rest of our waste bunkers."

In 2014 Quarry Oaks hosted the first two rounds of the Provincial Men's Amateur Golf Championship.

Peters will be showcasing the golf course again this July when Quarry and Glendale look after the first two rounds.

"It's always a treat to have the best players out here. That's great."