Manitoba’s Infrastructure Minister says the new traffic lights on Highway 12 north near Trucks Unlimited will remain off until the intersection is fully operational.

Ron Schuler says the lights will be turned on when the intersection is needed for the new subdivision be built there.

"We have been working with the developer of that subdivision and because it is going to be such an intensive development the feeling was that there should be lights there. I am sure everyone in Steinbach and the surrounding area is waiting for that subdivision to proceed and we are under the impression that will start already this summer but that is up to the developer."

Schuler says the lights were put up proactively to stay ahead of the curve. He notes in the meantime, local drivers will have lots of time to adjust to the intersection.

"We always like to get people used to the idea that there are lights there, that is why they stay bagged for a while. It allows them to be tested, makes sure that everything is operating and then they move into the operational phase. We want to make sure that people are aware that there are going to be lights going there rather than put them up one day and have them operational the next day and people are surprised by it."

Schuler says when the lights are turned on, the traffic through the intersection will most likely be light so the sensors will be set to give motorists on highway 12 a green light until another vehicle enters one of the turning lanes or comes at the intersection from the east or west.

Meanwhile, Schuler says the contract for the lights at the intersection of Highway 52 and Industrial Road has been awarded and construction should be completed this summer.