The Hanover School Board is asking the provincial government for more classroom space. 

Superintendent Shelley Amos says that while planning for the next five years, the board realizes that student numbers are climbing and expected to continue rising. 

They hope three schools will be approved for portable classrooms. 

“We are currently asking for that at Niverville Middle School and Stonybrook Middle School, and the Steinbach Regional Secondary School which is our highest priority because of the burgeoning amount of enrolment that’s happening at that school,” says Amos. “We may tip over the 2,000-student mark next fall.” 

Prior to the addition at the SRSS, that school had around 1,400 students. Amos says over 1,900 students now attend the high school. 

“Despite it being a large school already, we have lots of programming happening for vocation, we have lots of electives happening, we would like to keep all those going but we're starting to run out of space,” she says. “And so, we will ask the province to support some additional space at that school and that would be our biggest priority.” 

While the school board is not asking for another new school, Amos notes they are in the design phase for the K-4 school that has been granted for Steinbach. She expects to announce details in the near future. 

Hanover previously received approval for science lab renovations and Amos says they have submitted a request for a couple more.