A motorist has been charged with a number of offences related to a drive through Birds Hill Provincial Park on Wednesday. 

In a social media post, Springfield Police stated their off-duty police chief happened to be at the park and noticed “an orange Mustang traveling at what he estimated to be 200 kph on Festival Dr.” 

On-duty officers were notified and located the vehicle in the East Beach parking lot. 

“The driver informed police they were "only doing 150" in the posted 60 kph zone. The plates were queried and did not match the vehicle however the vehicle was not registered as stolen,” the statement continued. 

Police report the driver, from Winnipeg, was banished from all Provincial Parks for three days and escorted out by Park Patrol but not before being issued HTA Provincial Offence Notices for the following offences: 

- Careless Driving ($672.00) 

- Drive without Motor Vehicle Insurance ($672.00) 

- Drive an Unregistered Vehicle ($298.00) 

- Misue of License Plate ($113.00) 

- Operate a Motor Vehicle in a Provincial Park that is not Registered ($298.00)  

The driver was also issued a Serious Offence Notice compelling them to have a hearing with MPI about the future of their driver's license.  

“The investigation as to the identity of this mystery Mustang continues and further charges could be pending,” stated police. 

“The weather is warming, and the park is getting busier. Let's drive responsibly this summer and all get home to our loved ones,” the statement said. 

It was also clarified in that social media post that the driver did not get a speeding ticket because “Manitoba requires speeding offences to be verified by a calibrated and tested speed timing device as defined in the Regulations. An admission to speeding without a verified reading on a speed timing device is not enough to lay a charge.”