Buying a Smile Cookie at the Niverville Tim Horton’s location means an Accessible Transportation Van for the town is that much closer to becoming reality.

Shirley Hoult from Niverville says they are still waiting to hear back from the Federal Government regarding their grant application to the Rural Transit Solutions Fund (RTSF).

But she says they need to do their portion of the fundraising as well. “If we can raise up to $15,000 from the Smile Cookies, then it will be a go ahead.”

Hoult says she was very excited when she heard the news that Niverville Tim Horton’s staff had chosen them.

“Tim’s does a wonderful job of supporting charities, especially the Niverville store, and we're really grateful because this is going to make a difference to the fundraising campaign. Our goal is to sell 10,000 cookies, so let's do it.”

Hoult says she’s already had a shift decorating Smile Cookies. “I've worked one shift already, and on our shift, we decorated 400 and some odd cookies, it was lots of fun.”

Tim Horton's Smile cookie"Help turn that frown upside down. Buy a smile cookie and help bring an Accessible Van to Niverville" say volunteer cookie decorators 

She notes their job was to place the eyes and mouth, “in the appropriate places. Hopefully. Although some of them were looking a little quirky by the end of the shift. But yes, for the most part they were pretty good.”

Hoult says although she did taste any during her first shift this week, she’ll still have her chance coming up on Friday. “They do look good. So, they're hard to resist.”

She adds that decorating with others from the area was encouraging. “It's just a very positive feeling. You know that you're volunteering towards something that's going to be very meaningful to the community.”

Niverville volunteer decorates cookies (photo submitted)Niverville volunteers "make a difference" by decorating 400 cookies at a time. (photo submitted)

Hoult appreciates the support from the residents of Niverville, and says, “It's just wonderful that businesses, individuals, anyone in the community can contribute in even the smallest way, even just one cookie buyer. Every dollar that's spent on the cookies goes towards bringing those vans to Niverville.”

Hoult suggests, “You could take them into the workplace, for your friends. Buy them for your neighbors. Whatever. Just buy them. Those cookies are just moving the fund along in the right direction.”

The Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie campaign runs from April 29 through to May 5, at all locations across Canada and in Niverville at 20 Drovers Run.

Niverville Tim Horton's location