At 3 months old Scarlett Vogt was diagnosed with glycogen storage disease type I. This means that her liver is missing a particular enzyme that releases glucose into her body during times of fasting, so her body can't maintain its own blood sugar levels. 

Vogt is now 10 years old and was recently able to get her wish granted through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Originally, she wished for a trip to Hawaii with her family, but since they were unable to go due to COVID, Vogt decided that she wanted her own camper instead. 

Her dad, Lonny Vogt, says their family has a camping trip booked to Blue Lake where he grew up camping. “Eventually we would like to go on a Canada road trip, and if the states ever opens up for us, then we'll head down to the States and we’ll be super pumped to be able to do that.” 

Scarlett Vogt loves spending time in her camper and has it all set-up and decorated.  

Her dad says she takes owning a camper very seriously “she has the key and she locks it up and flips the steps up. The nice thing about this is when she turns 18 or 20 if she wants to sell this thing, then I guess she's got a head start.” 

She also enjoys quality time with her miniature horse that she got a year ago. His name is Thunder, and she enjoys washing and brushing him.