The Make a Wish Foundation teamed up with the Grunthal Fire Department to make an 8-year-old boy’s dream come true.

Brayden Graft was diagnosed with a Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at a very young age. His dad Tony says the Muscular Dystrophy Clinic of Manitoba referred him to the Make a Wish Foundation and Brayden’s wish was to be a firefighter.

On Saturday the Grunthal Fire Department dedicated the whole day to Brayden and even lit a small shed on fire so that he could help put it out. Brayden’s mom Leanne says these memories will last a lifetime.

Brayden and his uncle Tim about to put out a fire"As a mom to have your child be treated so special and the entire day and is just dedicated to him and making him feel special so he can realize what his passion is. The reality of his disease is that his muscles are weak and he probably won’t be able to be a firefighter but he will be to all of these guys here. They have brought him into their family and that is forever."

Leanne Graft says though he is a rambunctious kid right now, the disease will eventually confine him to a wheelchair. Tony Graft says they can’t thank everyone enough for the amazing day that was put together. He notes it really meant a lot to Brayden.

"It means everything. He is an inspiration to us and he shows us what living is about. You are tough to get a smile out of him today because I think he is soaking it all in but we will hear about this forever and that is what it is all about. We don’t just want this to be a day, we want this to be his life because that is what his passion is about and Grunthal has made this an amazing day so far."

Tim Nickel is a close family friend and a Fire Captain with the Grunthal Fire Department. He says it was exciting to welcome Brayden into the family.

"It means a lot to me personally. He has always been really interested in firefighting from a young boy on and when we have had open houses I have always put the invitation out to him. The fire family is huge, we have taken Brayden in as a part of our family."

Brayden also got to ride in the fire truck and received a number of gifts including a full firefighters suit.