MLA for Dawson Trail Bob Legasse was able to nominate 10 individuals to receive the Queen’s Jubilee Medal. 

Some of the people he nominated for the award are quite young. 

He shares a few words on each of the recipients. 

Lexi Taylor  

“Lexi Taylor began collecting toques and mitts for people less fortunate at the age of nine. She recognized that need and she started to fill it. Her simple impact of kindness flourished into a winter drive for people experiencing homelessness. I thought what a fabulous person to nominate, because these are the people that are going to continue to make differences later, so let's honor them now and continue to encourage them.” 

Carmen Trudeau  

“Carmen has been recognized provincially for her countless hours for volunteerism and community service. Carmen began volunteering at the age of 7 at the Villa Youville in Ste. Anne. She has also volunteered at Richer Rodeo, Summer in the City, Teddy Bear Picnics, mini soccer coaching, Kismet Creek Animal Sanctuary, Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp, she does all kinds of volunteering. So again, another young lady from the Richer area who will be a future go-getter, so let's honor her and get her going.” 

Brooklyn Walker 

“Brooklyn Walker acted with great courage when she saved a young girl by removing her from a pool who was in harm's way and resuscitated her. Didn't even hesitate, jumped in the pool and rescued her. After performing CPR, the little girl opened her eyes and she fully physically recovered from this tragic experience. Brooklyn Walker is a true hero.”  

Lloyd Plett 

"Lloyd Plett has always been a great community volunteer member. He was the chair of the Rest Haven nursing home in Steinbach, also involved in the Landmark Recreation Association in many ways. His wife and himself also organized the 50th anniversary of Landmark Collegiate and several EMC national conventions. Legacy Daycare in Landmark was his wife's legacy that came to reality with his and his family's help." 

Justin Johnston  

“Justin Johnston is the CEO of Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities. His push for French and continuing to push that forward is fantastic. It's something that is near and dear to my heart, even though I don't speak it as much as I should, and I think Justin's just doing a fantastic job as a young man.” 

Pauly Kleinsasser  

“Pauly is a part of the Springfield Colony. He is the general manager of Springfield Woodworking the third largest in the province. The workforce of the company includes 60 people, 3/4 of whom come from outside of the colony. Several other colonies in Manitoba are now hiring outside of the community as Springfield has. Most recently, Pauly has provided a home and work for many Ukrainian refugees."

Raymond Lafleche 

“Raymond Lafleche is the president of the Ste. Anne Hospital Foundation and he's a go getter. He's always doing things to better the community in Ste. Anne in the hospital. The Ste. Anne Hospital fund provides financial support for state of the art equipment as well as contributing to construction projects in order to continually improve healthcare services in our region.  

Paul De Moissac 

“Dr. Paul De Moissac is a doctor at the Ste. Anne hospital. This hospital is a designated bilingual hospital which he has been an integral part of. He has been a big part of the recruitment process for bilingual staff and is an active member in the francophone community.” 

Claudette Lavack  

“Claudette Lavack has spent over 40 years volunteering in Ste. Anne, she's a long-time volunteer. And you've got all this stuff that she's been doing. She has played a huge role at the Ste. Anne food bank, the Accueil Kateri Centre, Ste. Anne Immersion as a principal, justice committee, Christmas hampers and puts others before herself.” 

Kyle Waczko  

“Kyle has been named Ducks Unlimited volunteer of the year in Manitoba. Kyle also volunteers as a firefighter and is an active advocate for childhood cancer. He took place in the Great Cycle Challenge of Canada to fight kids' cancer. Out of 1000 riders he is third in the province for funding.” 


Legasse is glad he could nominate these upstanding citizens for this award. 

“This is a fantastic opportunity to highlight people that need to be highlighted. They're heroes.” 


With files from Corny Rempel