If you volunteered in the community of Ste Anne, there is a pretty good chance you have worked alongside Claudette Lavack.

She is a prolific volunteer, with over 40 years of giving her time to her community. And those decades of filling a variety of roles were recently recognized by the province.

Manitoba 150 has been recognizing 150 people who make this province a better place, specifically through volunteering, and Lavack was recently honoured with the award.

Due to Covid restrictions, the planned banquet and gala activities that were to take place in Winnipeg were canceled and re-canceled. After a year and a half, the province asked the people who nominated the volunteers to organize a mini celebration. So, Claudette’s niece, Vicki Bouchard, and her brother-in-law, Norm Lavack, who had previously nominated Claudette in January 2020, hosted a ceremony.

Lavack was finally honored by family and friends. A very humble person, not liking to attract attention, the ceremony honouring Lavack was low-key but gracious.

Over 40 years ago, Lavack started her volunteering career with Ste Anne minor hockey. ‘My kids were in hockey and ringette and they needed somebody on the board. And then things went on from there.’

A list was compiled of all the different roles Lavack has filled over the years in Ste Anne and when asked which was the most fulfilling, she was quick to answer, ‘ helping out kids or adults at the Ste Anne Justice Committee.’

Lavack noted that there were qualifications before she gave her time to volunteering. ‘I volunteered because I liked what the organization was doing.’

Although she has stepped back from some roles, Lavack is currently still involved with at least 6 local organizations volunteering in some form.

Lavack encourages others to volunteer and shared why she has all these years. ‘You meet a lot of great people and volunteering gives you a good feeling. And you’re helping out the community.’