Safe Families Steinbach is expanding its services with a new program called Safe Families Plus. 

Sue Doerksen is the new chapter director. 

“The previous chapter director will be helping to launch Safe Families Plus this year, that’s going to be her focus,” Doerksen explains. “That is incredibly exciting. We had a local church, Steinbach Mennonite Brethren, enter, into a three-year partnership with us they're pledging financial support as well to help us launch Safe Families Plus.” 

This new program is just getting started. 

“It surrounds youth around 18 to 25 who are either aging out of the foster care system or have other precarious living arrangements and don't have assistance,” says Doerksen. “So, we get to be that extended family-like support for them as well. Hylife also donated $40,000 to support that dream of creating a supportive transitional house for youth who are aging out of care.” 

While at the transitional home, participants will receive a variety of support in learning the basics, from finances and employment to daily living activities like cooking. 

The past year was very busy for Safe Families Steinbach. Doerksen reports that in 2022, they served 32 families and 97-percent of children were reunited successfully with their parents. 

The charity aims to assist struggling families before needing the child welfare system. The team works intentionally at helping local families that are in crisis by connecting them with a support network. 

There is an opportunity to volunteer, they are looking for Host Families who take in children for short periods, up to 3 months, as well as Family Coaches, Family Friends, and Resource Friends. You can find more details by contacting Safe Families Steinbach.