The mother of Earl Joey Wiebe doesn't expect he'll bring harm to anyone.

Wiebe is a mentally ill killer who escaped custody in Winnipeg last week while at a medical appointment.  He is still at large.  His mom, Alma Brown of Niverville, yesterday issued a plea to Joey and it reads like this:

"Dear Joey

I'm sitting here looking at your picture wondering when and if I'll ever see you again.
I am pleading with you Joey to please call your lawyer and turn yourself in right away, please Joey please.  I need to know if you are ok.  I don't believe for a minute that you are out to hurt anyone - but most people don't know you like I do.  I love you and I miss you son.


I also want to take this opportunity to thank my community for the tremendous support and encouragement that you have been to me and my family during this difficult time.

Alma Brown"