Voting for Kraft Hockeyville 2023 kicks off Friday morning and Ste. Anne is ready to go. 

Erin Muzyka is part of the team promoting Ste. Anne's bid. She says it's unlimited so you are encouraged to vote as many times as possible. 

“It is go-go-go time. Start voting, we have a pancake breakfast going on at the Maurice Chaput Arena, there will be people in and out of there and then there are a huge variety of voting stations that have popped up around Ste. Anne.”  

Voting opens at 8 AM and will close 32 hours later at 4 PM Saturday. The winning community will get an NHL hockey game and win $250,000 for arena upgrades.  

Muzkya says people can drop by Club Jovial, grab a hot dog and get some voting done, the Ste. Anne bar is encouraging patrons to vote and, if that isn’t your speed, the Old No.12 Café & Lounge is also a voting station. At each of those locations, there should be volunteers to help you get logged in and registered. 

“I want to see people voting, I want to see people reminding their friends to vote, I want to see people out and about, taking in that huge swell of pride. But if that is not your jam and you are happy to sit on your couch, just keep in mind a little bit of time has gone by and I should probably log on and vote again." 

Muzyka notes the support for Ste. Anne’s Kraft Hockeyville bid has been overwhelming. 

@steannehockeyville2023 Our athletes at Villa Youville have something to say… “DONT FORGET TO VOTE” March 31st 8am til April 1st 4pm. The link to vote is in our bio! #KraftHockeyville #SteAnneHockeyville2023 #Hockeyville ♬ Get Ready - Steve Aoki Vocal Radio Edit - 2 Unlimited

“When we started this and Hockeyville came up. It really came from the hockey community. It was the people who go to the rink every day and their kids are on the ice. Once we hit that top four, that love spread so fast. Phoenix Cheer is onboard helping us out, we've got tae kwon do kids that are putting up their videos, we have everybody in town.” 

That’s not all, Muzkya adds “Not only in Ste. Anne, but we are seeing it in La Broquerie, Steinbach has been huge in supporting us. Steinbach Sobeys has been our number one supporter.” 

Muzyka also thanks Kraft for this opportunity. She notes the winner of Kraft Hockeyville will be announced Saturday evening. 

“Saturday night during the live broadcast of the two Sportsnet games, during the first intermission, they are going to make that announcement. We are hoping that the rink is packed with our Orange and Black attack as we have now coined and just that we are all there to celebrate together.” 

A list of Hockeyville related activities in Ste. Anne