After a strong season and a successful playoff run, the Steinbach Christian Varsity Boys Volleyball team is going to compete at AAA Provincials, representing Zone 13. 

The team was ranked #1 in the province at the end of regular season play. 

Head coach Scott Wiebe says the team has been very successful this year, but they are not taking anything for granted. He notes there are strong teams throughout Manitoba, and they will have tough competition. 

“There will be 12 teams there and we'll do some round-robin play first to set us up for the playoff round,” he says. “And next week, Saturday will be the playoff round. We're hoping to go deep into the playoffs in the provincials. Just by way of motivation... Two years ago, the same team was also in provincials and finished second.” 

Brendon Thiessen, a grade 11 student, has really enjoyed playing with this team for the past few months. 

“It's been really good. Obviously being in grade 11, one of the biggest highlights is getting to play with all the grade 12’s and it's just really fun to learn from them,” Thiessen says. “So, that's something that I'll miss next year. A game highlight, we had a really good tournament at the Brandon Tournament. We had a really good playoff run, so we played lots of good games there." 

Matthew Penner is one of the grade 12 students on the team. He really enjoyed the first tournament of the season, the Maples tournament. 

“We played really good,” he says. “And I'd say we have a really solid team this year, no real weak spots anywhere. We're playing strong as the team and we're confident.” 

Corey Brandt, also a grade 12 student, loves this team and says it feels good to mentor the younger players, helping them grow their skills. 

Being a team from a smaller school, Brandt says it is extra sweet to beat teams from larger schools. 

“For me, the highlight of the year is beating SR (Steinbach Regional),” he says. “That hasn't usually happened for a smaller school that go out and beat a team like SR. So that's probably been my best highlight.” 

This is a AAA team which means their school has a population of 100 – 650 high school students. Steinbach Christian has a high school population of 145. They will be representing Zone 13 at the AAA Provincials which are in Dauphin this year beginning Thursday, Nov. 30 and wrapping up on Dec 2nd.

-With files from Corny Rempel.


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