Steinbach firefighters were called to the scene of a vehicle fire Wednesday morning. 

Assistant Chief Mike Penner shared details on what they arrived at. "An SUV was burning on a church parking lot. One of the neighboring businesses (had) a worker show up to work (and they) saw the vehicle on fire."

Penner says there was no one around the vehicle at the time.

"When we got our trucks on scene we just started putting the flames out and trying to cool it down," Penner added. "It's been abandoned here, it's a pretty new SUV so RCMP will have to figure it out."

As for how long it took to put out the fire, Penner says the quick reaction of the department had things under control quite quickly. "It was 5 or 10 minutes. There was some fuel leaking on the ground that we had to extinguish. The components inside got warm and hot, so we had to cool them down. It took a bit with some water and foam."