Ultimate Frisbee is a combination of three different sports and is in its second year in Steinbach.

Director Stephen Chuckrey says the sport is a mix of football, basketball, and soccer. "We play on a large field with two end zones, and to score you have to catch the disk [frisbee] in the end zone. Where basketball comes in, is once you catch the disk, you have to stop as quickly as you can and are allowed to pivot on one foot and throw the disk. The soccer aspect is the way the defensive plays are worked out. It's like playing a zone set up, and we find that people who enjoy playing soccer, really enjoy playing ultimate frisbee."

Last year, Chuckrey says there were about 60 people signed for Ultimate Frisbee, and he is hoping for the same interest this year. He says registration is open to men and women as young as the age of 16.

Chuckrey says the set up is a five on five format, and teams generally consist of three men and two women. Games are played on the field at the Steinbach Bible College, on Monday and Thursday evenings each week. The regular season runs from June 12 to July 31, with playoffs in August.

"The biggest appeal," says Chuckrey, "is that it's a very social group of people, and it does have a competitive aspect to it, but what's even more appealing, is that it's player friendly and self-officiating."

Without refs, Chuckrey says they refer to it as the spirit of the game, noting that encompasses the self-officiating and the camaraderie of side games at tournaments.

Games are played to a score of 15, or when the hour and a half time limit runs out, and a half time is called when 7 points have been reached. He says teams can choose to play longer if they wish.

It is suggested to have between 10 and 12 players on each team because not everyone can make it to each game. The cost is $60 per person, and to register either call or text 204-381-0201, or email steinbachultimate@gmail.com.