An iced tea stand set up by two young girls in Steinbach on Monday turned into a lucrative fundraiser for cancer research.

10-year-old Koda Reimer and 8-year-old Brooke Peters are cousins. Peter says they were looking for something to do and thought it would be a good idea to raise money for cancer research. She notes they sold iced tea, cookies, and Texas brownies.

"We did an iced tea stand at my auntie Mindy’s driveway and her neighbour’s asked us ‘can we do delivery’ so we delivered it and it turns out that we were doing it for cancer that her husband had cancer in his lungs once. We went back and then we all of a sudden started getting lots of customers."

Peters says they chose cancer research because a number of their family members have battled cancer in the past. She says they made $325 but Koda’s parents had agreed to match any money they made.

"But because her parents were doubling we got $650. And, usually people just came and they said 'the parents are going to match it?' and just handed us $20 and left."

Melissa Peters, Brooke's mom, said Reimer's parents only expected the girls to raise $100, but honoured the full match anyways.

The cousins were so excited about their success, so they ran it again on Wednesday. The two girls raised another $550, bringing their total to $1200. 

All the money will be donated to cancer research, which Reimer and Peters are very excited to do.