The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is investigating a train derailment near La Broquerie.

It says that on Thursday at approximately 7 pm, a CN freight train derailed 25 cars near that community. There were no leaks reported. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada says that while there were also loaded dangerous goods cars being pulled, none of those cars were involved in the derailment. The situation is currently being assessed and evaluated.

The derailment happened at the intersection of Highway 210 and Road 36 North, which is about three-quarters of a mile northwest of La Broquerie.

CN has confirmed that there were no injuries, leaks or fires and that there is no risk to the public. 

La Broquerie Fire Chief Alain Nadeau says one of the explosive cars that stayed on the track, requires an evacuation zone of one mile. Had that car left the track and required the evacuation, it would have impacted the community of La Broquerie less than a mile away. 

La Broquerie Reeve Ivan Normandeau is calling this a best-case scenario and says their emergency crews had a training exercise for a train derailment only two months ago.