With poor road conditions over the last 36 hours, towing and emergency services have been busy. 

Cornie Fehr is the owner of CV Towing based in Steinbach. He says as of 3:30 PM Wednesday, he had pulled out 10 vehicles, and he is just one operator. 

“Today I went out, the roads were still covered in snow this morning when people tried to get out and they got stuck in the snowdrifts, and I have been pulling a lot of vehicles out of the ditch today that were left there from yesterday.” 

Meanwhile, the Communications Manager for CAA Manitoba says they’ve also received quite a number of calls for service in the Southeast. 

As of noon Wednesday, Elisha Dacey says “in the past 24 hours we have had 20 towing calls and there are five active calls right now as we are talking. There are still people out there who are in need of help." 

Echoing Cornie Fehr, she also notes Wednesday was busier than Tuesday as many people who got stuck on Tuesday left their vehicles to be cleaned up later. 

Overall, Dacey says this winter has been significantly quieter than last. 

“We have had only one or two busy periods this winter when usually you would see many more. Because we haven't had the snow that we saw last year, it has been a little more calm in Manitoba. Don't get me wrong, we still do about 350 to 400 calls a day, so it is not quiet but we are not seeing the 1,800 calls a day that we sometimes see especially on the really cold snaps."