After 40 years of serving hungry customers, Joan and Ike Bueckert have decided to step out of the restaurant business and move into retirement. 

Sunday, July 31st marks their last day with Jay’s Café in Steinbach. 

Joan says serving customers has been a big part of her life, and she credits her mom Sadie for teaching her so much and helping her along the way. 

“Just amazing, that woman,” Joan says as she recalls the passion and work ethic of her mother. 

Joan says restaurant life is a tough life, but she says it has been great to meet so many amazing people who have made it all worthwhile. During her many years of serving customers and cooking delicious meals, Joan worked in various locations and kitchens throughout Steinbach and area. She says it was an enjoyable experience and she loved meeting so many people. 

She says leaving Jay’s Cafe was one of the toughest decisions she ever had to make. 

“It has just come to that point in time in my life,” Joan says. “This would just be another chapter in my life. I appreciate all the loyalty, the support from all my staff, my customers and my suppliers and everybody. Everybody has just done an amazing job and it’s been a blast.” 

Here is the farewell message that was posted on Jay’s Cafe page on Facebook

Ike and I wanted to take a moment to tell our customers, friends and family we have decided to retire. 
Please know our decision did not come easily to us. We have broken bread with each of you over the last 40 years. We have watched families grow, and been part of your lives with celebrations and goodbyes. Sharing in the joys, tears, laughter and hardship over a hot bowl of soup, homemade perogies or just a cup of coffee. 
We can't thank our staff enough for being with us through the good, the bad and the covid. We came through it all a little rough, maybe even a little sticky (like our cinnamon buns) but made it we did. You were our backbone, and we thank you from the bottom of our heart. 
To our customers, those who have supported us throughout the years and the new faces... words cannot express the gratitude for your support you have shown us.
🥰 Everytime you walked into our doors you chose us. And made us who we are today. We will miss everyone of you greatly. 
So on July 31st when we say goodbye and hand the keys over to the new owner... Ike, myself and our family thank you for the privilege of being not only part of this community but of your lives. You have given us so many beautiful memories and shown us so much love
❤️ Serving you has been our greatest honor. 
Thank you for the memories. Love Joan