Two local non-profits have permanently joined forces for the good of local residents.

Today House, a temporary emergency shelter for homeless people in the Steinbach area has been absorbed by Steinbach Community Outreach, an organization that, in part, provides people in poverty with longterm housing solutions.

“It feels, to us, like it is a very natural progression from one to the next,” says SCO Executive Director Irene Kroeker who notes both services aimed to help the same group of struggling individuals and families. “Today House was the first step and they stay there as long as it takes for Steinbach Community Outreach to find them a permanent place to live,” she explains. “It just flowed and so we decided to make it one.”

Today House spokesperson Kent Ledingham agrees with Kroeker. He says the merger is intended to bring out the best in both organizations.

“We just felt it would be way more efficient to work as one entity,” he offers. “When we work together rather than communicating separately we can provide better service to the clients that need our help."

Ledingham served on the Today House Board and will be one of three members grafted onto the SCO board. This amalgamated board will be making the decisions and determining the direction for both going forward. To avoid confusion among those who use their services, Kroeker says Today House will keeping its unique identity.