Tina Schroeder, or “The Bag Lady” as some fondly refer to her, has found a new way of helping out the community: reusing bags.

Schroeder is a Steinbach Community Outreach (SCO) guest who has recently found and filled a need many would not have known existed. Outreach seeks to restore dignity to people through the meeting of basic human needs such as food, clothes and personal connection, but due to the quantities of people coming through their doors, they are often short on supplies.

Having been impacted by SCO, Schroeder wanted to give back in whatever way she could. One shortage she noticed Outreach had was plastic bags. While garbage bags are not a basic need, they are almost essential to everyday life, and a luxury many SCO guests cannot always afford.

In response, Schroeder began collecting bags and other useful recyclables to make sure anybody who needed such items would have access. This is one small way Schroeder felt she could give back to her community. She states, “If bringing in a bag is all that it takes to make you smile, I’m going to bring in more bags!”

Schroeder claims she has also collected egg cartons to use as garden planters or to use in crafts for school.

SCO’s Drop-In Center Coordinator, Myra Gerbrandt, praises Schroeder for her contribution saying “Tina has a great heart, we have not had to worry about bags since she started helping out.”

Gerbrandt would kindly like to remind potential SCO donors to only donate quality goods, something you would give to your kids or relatives.

Gerbrandt would also like to inform Outreach guests that, for the first time since it began, SCO will keep its doors open throughout the summer. Every Tuesday (except July 3 and August 21) the Outreach drop-in center will be open from 9:30-11:30, for individuals like Tina Schroeder, to have needs met and develop meaningful relationships.