Several severe thunderstorms swept through southeastern Manitoba early Thursday evening, with high winds, rain and a lot of hail.  

The first weather warning was issued at 5:45pm, and was lifted less than an hour later.

Commuters along Highway 59 near Niverville were caught in a hailstorm, leaving the ground in the area white, looking like snow.  

The fast-moving system covered an area from Landmark to New Bothwell.

This system was then followed by tornado warnings issued by Environment Canada just before 8:00pm, for the Rosenort and Morris residents, also ending moments later. 

And the third severe weather statement was issued 27 minutes later as another tornado warning, this time for the Emerson-Franklin, Roseau River area. Also included were residents of the RM of De Salaberry, including St Pierre and St. Malo. This latest warning was lifting by 8:50pm. 

This system has now moved into the southeast corner of the province where residents are still advised to stay safe

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Hailstorm Thursday night near St Adolphe - photo by Geoff DraderHailstorm Thursday night near St Adolphe - photo by Geoff Drader

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