Mother Nature is keeping us on our toes this spring as the weather quickly switched from a warm and sunny Sunday to cooler weather with snow. 

There have been some reports of short snow squalls in the region. 

Steinbach and area can expect periods of flurries for the next few hours. It should clear up during the early evening hours. 

The temperature will fall to –5 Sunday night. 

We can expect sunshine for Monday morning, warming up to 6 degrees before some clouds roll in. At this time, it looks like Tuesday will be a dry day with a mix of sun and cloud, expecting the temperature to reach double digits. 

Rain is forecasted for Wednesday and Thursday before the sun returns for Friday and Saturday.

When will it really feel like spring weather? Back on March 1st, the Senior Climatologist with Environment Canada cautioned that it would not be a quick transition to spring in southern Manitoba.

March 1st marks the first day of spring on the meteorological calendar. For those who buy into the theory that if March comes in like a lamb, it will go out like a lion, or vice versa, David Phillips said March in southern Manitoba was actually coming in more like frozen mutton.

Phillips did offer some hope for a warmer than normal summer from June to August.