The annual Barb Cheop track meet was held at Stonybrook Middle School in Steinbach on June 6. 

Many schools from the Hanover Division gather to participate in the track and field event.  

Students from Steinbach Regional Secondary School (SRSS) were recruited to help throughout the day by measuring throws, timing races, and help direct students to their events. 

Many SRSS students had participated in this event a few years prior and enjoyed reminiscing about the fun times they had.  

Trevor Paton, the Athletic Coordinator and representative of Clearspring Middle School discusses what the day looks like. 

“This is our 7 and 8 middle school meet,” explains Paton. “We have students from all over the division that come here and compete in a variety of events, jumps, throws, and runs.” 

Planning for an event like this takes time. Physical Education teachers and coaches must prepare and train their students for the tough competition they will face. 

To determine who will compete at the Barb Cheop event, schools may host their own track meets or keep track in gym class to choose the top competitors. 

“We unfortunately can’t bring everyone because we have so many students, but these are basically the top athletes from each school.” 

Paton enjoys days like this where he can see the progress his students have made. 

“It’s always a great time when everyone can get together and show off all their training that they’ve done and what they can do,” Paton says. “The relays are by far my favourite. You got all the students from all the schools cheering on their team, screaming to the end. Especially the photo finishes are the best.”  

Although it was windy, the sun eventually peaked out making it a nice afternoon for a day full of activities. 

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Check out some photos from the track meet: