Today is Take Your Kid To Work Day and high school students are all over Steinbach finding out about what their parents' careers look like. 

The purpose of today is to show students what life could be like once they graduate high school and enter the workforce. 

It also can help them with deciding what type of career they want to pursue. 

Rochelle Thiessen brought her daughter Ryann in to her workplace at the Golden West radio station here in Steinbach. 

Ryann is a Grade 9 student at the SRSS and says it’s nice to see what her mom does everyday. 

“I just didn't really know what she did before, so it's cool to see what she does and the people that she talks to and how it works.” 

Thiessen says this is a great opportunity to have her kid get a sneak peek into what she does at work. 

“I think often I go home and we talk about our days and I say words and they don't really mean anything to her. It's nice for her to come and just meet different people.”  

Thiessen says Ryann isn’t only learning about her job, but her coworkers’ as well. 

“I think there's a ton of different positions for her to see. I think it's a good opportunity to learn what she does like and what she doesn't like, and see how the real world works a little bit day-to-day.” 

Ryann notes she is already thinking about what she might want to be after she graduates, and is looking into becoming a police officer.

A&W Owner Derek Williamson is spending the day with his son Aiden who is also a Grade 9 student at SRSS. 

Aiden says it is pretty exciting that he is able to learn more about what his dad does for work. 

“I think I'm going to get to see what he does when I'm at school and maybe understand a little bit more.” 

He is looking forward to talking about his day with his friends, as well as finding out about what they did. 

“It's fun. I think I'm going to have a great time hearing all the stories that my friends have to tell and telling mine to them.” 

The day is great for the kids, but it is also pretty special for the parents as they get the opportunity to share a large part of their life with their children. 

Williamson says Aiden will get to learn a lot. 

“We'll do a little of everything. There's a little office work, you get on the floor, you meet customers, we even have to look at the HVAC system.” 

He’s glad to be able to spend the whole day with his son and take part in Take Your Kid To Work Day. 

"He's in Grade 9, so this is the first for me as well. To have a program like this means a lot.” 


With files from Dave Anthony 


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