The RM of Stuartburn recently had Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure (MTI) come to council and present Phase 3 of the Highway 201 Drain project. 

Reeve for the RM of Stuartburn, Michelle Gawronsky, sums up the project. 

“They're trying to figure out which way they can make sure the water is flowing to the Roseau River in the most productive way that has the least impact on the residents in the area.” 

She says both the council and the residents of Stuartburn were pleased with the presentation. 

This is the second time they have had a public meeting on this subject with the area’s residents. 

“The first one, when we first got elected about a year ago, they came out and they actually had a design where they were going to expropriate some of the folks properties, they were going to dig the ditches bigger and wider and deeper and have more water going.” 

Gawronsky says council provided them with an alternative idea.  

“On the 7 North Road off of the 209, which is the road that goes out to Gardenton, they went back, took a look at everything. They had environment come out, look for flowers, look for any issues that might be out there,” she says. “And now they have come back and they have said ‘yes, Road 7 North is absolutely an attainable way to be able to do it.’” 

She estimates that around 1/3 of the water is going to be diverted down 7 North Road.  

All MTI has to do is put in bigger culverts in the driveways, which Gawronsky says there are very few to begin with. 

“So it is a very viable way to be able to move some of the water that way. Then the rest of it, they're going to continue moving it down the 209 until it hits the 201, and they are going to put in the new culverts in the driveways that are there.” 

She says the residents are thrilled as they aren’t going to be losing any of their properties for this project. 

It also will not hurt any of the endangered flowers in the area. 

“They've made sure that any endangered species that are there are going to be protected, they'll be transferred. And it is very minimal that's going to be done.” 

Gawronsky adds this is the most cost-effective way to ensure that they're moving the water and getting it to the Roseau River without flooding people out. 

Council is hoping that they will be starting with shovels in the ground by next spring, if not before then. 

“Now that they know the community is in favor of it, that council is in favor of it, now they finish off with the engineers exactly what the planning stages are.” 

She says this is very positive news, and it’s been many years in the making. 

“To know that our residents are happy with the plans that are being made, that's going to be the least disruption to them. And we're just thrilled that MTI have listened to us and they've come back very positive. We are very grateful to be included in the planning of this and the positive outcome that's there.” 


With files from Adi Loewen