Street sweepers are busy in Steinbach, getting the sand and gravel off our streets. 

“We just about made a complete round now with sweeping our streets and we'll go back, and we'll go through another round of sweeping,” reports Randy Reimer, Public Works Manager. “We haven't started on boulevards yet because it's just been a little too wet and too soft on boulevards. We don't want to damage boulevards so we're just waiting for things to dry up a little bit more, and warm up a little bit more, so that we can get that done as quickly as possible.” 

He says they don't want that project to drag on too long because the grass will soon start growing and people want to clean up their yards. 

“But we also want to ensure that we don't damage their properties more than we have to.”  

The city uses skid steers on the boulevards with brooms at the front. The sand and gravel are then swept onto the road to be picked up by the street sweepers. 

If you ever wondered what happens to all the sand and gravel picked up by the street sweepers, Reimer says nothing goes to waste. 

"We haul it to the landfill site, and they use it there for touching up their roads and for cover material on the solid waste coming in.”