In a press release from the Province of Manitoba last week Friday, it was announced that $47 million dollars in unconditional funding would be given to municipalities across the province, which in turn ended the seven-year freeze on municipal operating basket funding.  

The province has announced a funding increase of 64 percent, or a total of $809,393.42 for the City of Steinbach. 

Steinbach’s base grant was $1,261,857.86. Now after the additional funding, their current Municipal Operating Grant is $2,071,251.28.

Mayor Earl Funk says this increase covers the inflation. 

"It's going to be a nice top-up for inflation, and it's welcome at this time with so many costs going up everywhere you turn. It's just getting more expensive to do projects in our community.” 

Funk is very excited about the announcement. 

“I'm very thankful to our province for seeing the need to be bumping up this basket funding, and very excited that we will be able to complete our projects and be in a better financial position to do so.” 

He says the announcement was totally unexpected. 

“From what I understand this was some extra money that the province had and they wanted to increase the basket funding. And hopefully we can see that in the next budget, but they had some money, they wanted to do it right now, so this is really exciting.” 

Funk says the funding will go into projects, and the city should be receiving the money soon. 

“From what I understand, it's supposed to be leaving the province and coming to us sometime in March,” he says. “So very excited to see this and this will definitely help our financial position and help us to keep working on projects.”