Revelation Martial Arts hosted a tournament in Steinbach this past Saturday and it was a huge success. 

That is according to John Sawatzky, Revelation Martial Arts Head Instructor. 

“We had just shy of 200 entries. There were competing kids, adults, all different belt colors and yeah it was a huge, huge event, a really well-done event. We had a bunch of medals, we had 26 golds, 18 silvers, and 10 bronze that we took home from here at Revelation Martial Arts.” 

a team photo of Revelation Martial ArtsThe Revelation Martial Arts team

Sawatzky says Revelation Martial Arts had the most participants which certainly contributed to their medal haul, but they are still very pleased with their athlete's performances. 

He notes it was also great to see participants make the trek out to Steinbach. 

"Yeah, from all over the province, out of province, we had some people from the from the States as well. It's open to whoever wants to come out and compete and it's Gi, wearing a uniform, and No Gi, where you just wearing rash guards and the compression stuff.” 

Not only were there nearly 200 participants, but Sawatzky says the bleachers were full of spectators and many people were forced to stand. All in all, he notes it was really great event. 

All actions shots taken by Dominique Lachance @dom204_