Paul Penner, Senior Manager of Operations for the City of Steinbach, presented at the previous Strategic Priorities Committee (SPC) meeting. 

He gave some updates on the landfill, and says the master plan is nearly done. 

"That will help us to utilize the landfill for a longer period of time. We are planning a phase three which will cover the whole thing and it'll tie the old hill into the new one.” 

He says once the landfill is utilized completely, it should be able to have capacity until around 2060 or 2070. 

“Another 40-45 years on that same site. That's the early calculations from that master plan that we're doing.” 

They recently completed phase two in 2022, which added another 11 years to the landfill’s lifespan. 

“So in about nine years, we'll have to look at phase three to develop that, which is just tying the two hills together.” 

Penner also says they want to create an on and off access to the landfill. 

Currently they have one scale building, but they want to build another on the other side of the landfill to measure the weight of waste coming in and out of the landfill. 

“You drive in on one scale and you drive out on the other scale. Then nobody has to get out of the vehicle and you just do it like a drive through system.” 

He says that's supposed to happen this year, they are just waiting on the master plan to make sure they get the correct elevation and the detailed location for where it’s supposed to go. 

As for the cost of the scale, Penner says it’s around $130,000. The scale and the scale building combined will cost around $600,000. 

Lastly, he notes they need to revise their operations master plan that they did in 2015.  

“The biggest reason we would need to revise it is we've changed the layout of the lot. Now our fire department is taking over the backside, so we made it bigger going West. So we just need another proper layout to have proper building location on that lot.”