Southern Health and the City of Steinbach are working together to hold the Family Medicine Resident Retreat to recruit more family doctors to work in Steinbach. 

The retreat happens annually, and every three years our region hosts the event, which is then either hosted by Portage, Morden/Winkler, or Steinbach. 

This year, the retreat will be held in Steinbach from September 22-24. 

This event is on a large scale, as all the first-year and second-year family medicine residents with the U of M attend. 

Mayor Earl Funk assures this will help bring more family doctors to Steinbach within the next two years. 

“It's proven that if we can get resident doctors to do their residency here in Steinbach, they generally stay. These doctors that are coming, they will be full-fledged doctors within a year or two, so that's why this is very important that we have a good experience with them and we show them that Steinbach is a very good place to start a practice.” 

He realizes the great need for doctors in our community, as thousands of people in Steinbach don’t have a family doctor. 

“There's a huge need. According to the Doctor Finder website, there's right now about 3500 people in Steinbach that do not have a family doctor,” he says. “And that's not accurate because there's many more that are not even going on the app because it's just too hard to find a doctor.” 

The retreat isn’t the only thing the City of Steinbach is pursuing to bring in more doctors. 

“We have been meeting with organizations in our city and we are going to actively pursue forms of doctor recruitment, possibly even a Mayors Task Force to find out exactly what we don't know right now, what would be the best way to go about it, and what other communities are doing as well, so that we can actually start having a targeted approach to recruiting and retaining doctors.”