Steinbach's Citizens On Patrol Program is looking to foster a safe community, but they could use more volunteers. 

Spokesperson Eddy Noll says they are a group of dedicated Steinbach residents who patrol our city streets. 

“We're basically the eyes and ears of the RCMP. We are non-engaging, safety is first, we basically patrol in our cars and drive around Steinbach mostly in the evenings or at nighttime and just keep our eyes open. If we do see something, we don't engage with any individual or any groups, we basically take notes of what we've seen, contact RCMP if needed and just relay the information.” 

Not only do they observe and report any issues they see, but Noll says they also hope to be a preventative presence as well. He notes no patrol is a waste of time. 

“Even if it's a quiet evening, you grab a coffee, get to know the other person a little bit and drive around Steinbach keeping your eyes and ears open. Often, it's quiet and most of the time, we don't see anything, but somebody might see us.” 

Noll says the size of Steinbach's COPP group has fluctuated over the years and right now, their numbers are low. He notes it is a great way to serve the community of Steinbach and get to know other dedicated residents.  

“If you're interested, get in touch with me and we'll set up an interview. We have a couple of questions. We run through a criminal record check, there's no cost to it, we'll get that done through the RCMP as well." 

If you are interested, Noll encourages you to call or text him at 204-371-2090.