The City of Steinbach is considering joining a large wastewater cooperative. 

In 2019, the municipalities of Hanover, Tache, Ritchot and Niverville joined forces to create Red-Seine-Rat Wastewater Cooperative (RSRWC). The goal of this cooperative was to build a regional wastewater collection and treatment facility

That plan is now being realized with the new facility set to be built north of Niverville.

Steinbach Mayor Earl Funk says they are now trying to figure out if it would make sense for the city to join the project. 

“Council has approved funding to investigate what would be our next steps for a sewage system. Basically, this is preliminary fact finding, we will use that information to make our decision going forward.” 

Back in 2009, work began to upgrade Steinbach’s lagoon. According to a study done by the Public Utilities Board, the expanded lagoon should be able to service Steinbach until it reaches a population of 22,000 people. As of the 2021 Federal Census, Steinbach’s population is 17,806. 

As the City considers its future, Funk notes it is important to explore all of the possible wastewater solutions to keep costs as low as possible for residents. He notes working with neighbouring communities may be the solution. 

“It is good to work together with our surrounding municipalities and I think looking at this to find the information will serve Steinbach well.” 

This wastewater study will cost the city $60,000 and will also look into other possible wastewater solutions for the city.