Thanks to a passerby, a house on Second Street in Steinbach is still standing. 

Mike Penner is the Assistant Deputy Fire Chief for the Steinbach Fire Department. He says they were called to a structure fire near the Steinbach Arts Council on Second street late Tuesday afternoon. 

“When we arrived on scene, the garage was full of smoke. The homeowner had already pretty much put out the fire with a garden hose so it was contained to the top of a dryer-washer that was in the garage. We are just determining what the cause was.” 

Penner says there were two kids at home who were playing in the back yard and their mother was in the house. He notes a passerby noticed smoke coming from the garage and immediately let the homeowner know.  

Fortunately, Penner says nobody was hurt. He notes the fire department only needed to be on scene for around a half hour. 

With files from Adi Loewen