Tim Hortons has begun their Holiday Smile Cookie week and half of the proceeds will be going to Steinbach Community Outreach. 

Drop-In Center Director Myra Gerbrandt says they have no idea how much money will be coming their way, but every dollar will make a difference. 

“It's going to go to our drop-in center directly so. Generally, that means it's going to hygiene products or going directly to our guests who just need some help with their deposits when they're going into a new apartment or getting some of their medication or whatever. There's always money that we're using directly towards our guests that are facing obstacles.” 

The Holiday Smile Cookie campaign runs from Monday, November 13th to Saturday, November 19th.  

holiday smile cookies

Gerbrandt says not only are they receiving funds from the Holiday Smile Cookies, but they’re also getting involved at local Steinbach Tim Hortons. 

“There's a bunch of us as volunteers that are donating some time throughout the week to just pop in and spend two or three hours there, we're helping put the smiles on and let me tell you, I have a whole new respect for some of these Tim Hortons workers now, because my wrist was actually really sore after two hours of piping that icing onto the cookies.” 

As mentioned, half of the proceeds from Holiday Smile Cookies sold in Steinbach will go to Steinbach Community Outreach and the other half of the proceeds will go to Tim Hortons Camps. 


Written with files from Corny Rempel

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