Steinbach Community Christmas will begin delivering hampers this week, but, there is still a need for more toys.

Toy Coordinator Joanne Dyck says a very successful Toys Days last week met most of their need.

"The huge mountain of toys was incredible," says Dyck. "I think it did set a record."

Steinbach Community Christmas will hand out approximately 2,000 toys this year. As of Monday morning, about 200 toys are still needed. The breakdown of toys they are still looking for is as follows:

  • Teen boy - 60 more toys
  • Teen girl - 60 more toys
  • Age 10-12 boy - 20 more toys
  • Age 6-9 boy - 20 more toys
  • Age 1-2 boy - 16 more toys
  • Age 1-2 girl - 10 more toys
  • Baby - five more toys

With gifts for teenagers being their greatest need right now, Dyck offers a few suggestions for what they are looking for. She says gift cards are easy to buy, but also suggests soft blankets, water bottles, journals or sports equipment.

Though 200 gifts might sound like a lot, Dyck says it is not a big number when you break it down per age category. Anyone wishing to still drop off a gift can do so at South East Helping Hands. 

Back to Toys Days, Dyck says it is amazing to witness community support year after year. 

"I love being part of it and seeing it every year," notes Dyck.

She says it is heartwarming to see community leaders show they care about those less fortunate. But it is also special to see children dropping off toys for other kids.

"They pick what they like and then they selflessly give it to another child, it's just very wonderful to see," says Dyck. "The parents who are teaching that to their kids is great."

Dyck says it is this generosity that keeps them going year after year. 

Steinbach Community Christmas will be delivering the first hampers this coming Wednesday.

With files from Dave Anthony