More camping sites will soon be made available near Grunthal.

Daniel Fehr currently operates a campground with RV site and seasonal cabins on his property on the south side of Road 26N. He recently purchased two parcels of land to the northwest, which is north of Road 26N and northwest of the Grunthal Park. According to Hanover Administration, these lands form part of a depleted aggregate extraction operation.

Fehr appeared before Hanover Council at a public hearing on Wednesday. He told Council that his desire is to turn that pit into a recreational area. The plan would include about 30 RV sites by the lake and 10 cabins around the north ridge surrounding the lake. 

"We were thinking of possible year-round use for the cabins as the lake is deep enough for ice fishing and there is numerous hiking, snowmobiling and snowshoe trails around," Fehr told council. "The lake can also be cleared for a giant outdoor skating area."

Fehr says he has also been asked to consider creating a wedding venue. He notes the presence of the lake and then the creek bordering much of the property makes this a picturesque spot for weddings, noting they have entertained the idea of constructing a building, approximately 2,400 square feet in size, to accommodate that plan. 

"Then, close to the creek nearby we would create a beautiful picnic area," he adds. "We also thought of a waterslide off one of the high banks going into the lake."

Hanover Planning Manager Jeremy Neufeld says there is a very evident demand for campgrounds in the area and Fehr's intentions form a viable plan for reclaiming a gravel pit. He notes the proximity to the park and motocross track makes this location an attractive option. Neufeld says the primary concern is that the cabins do not become long-term rental housing but says this can be addressed through a development agreement. 

Not one person showed up at Wednesday's public hearing to voice an objection. And the municipality has received no written correspondence from neighbours. 

Hanover Council approved the request.

"I think it's a great idea for the area," says Councillor Travis Doerksen.

"I think it is a very nice spot for development as to what he is planning on doing," adds Hanover Reeve Jim Funk. "So, I think that is going to be good for the community."

Funk says Fehr has done a good job with the other lots he has developed. Further to that, he says there is definitely a need for more wedding venues in the area.

Fehr says he expects that next summer there will already be sites available for RVs to be parking near the lake.