A Steinbach business owner is proving that community exists among local businesses as well.

“As soon as the fire happened, I reached out,” says Amanda Kehler, Owner of Prairie Pickers Cafe and Bakery.

The fire, which destroyed McMunn and Yates Building Supplies last month, also left their neighbour, Stony Brook Pantry, without a place to operate.

“They reached out to us,” shares Manager Lorna Harms, “they offered to help us if we wanted to use their store or in any way they could help.”

According to Kehler, offering up the space was common-sense as the cafe part of her store is closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“We were certainly overwhelmed,” admits Harms, “and we were pretty touched by the love.” In addition to the sharing of commercial space, Harms says they were assisted by members of the community in other ways.

“We had a lot of inventory, we were ready for Christmas, and so it was a very big job,” says Harms of making the move, “but we had lots of help, lots of people came to help with that.”

In Kehler’s opinion, what she did was just what people in this community do.

“I’m just helping out another local business and I think that’s kind of the spirit of Steinbach, we help each other out.”

Stony Brook Pantry after the fire