Steinbach's Looking Glass Theatre Company has announced the schedule for their first full season. 

This past year, the company brought both “See No Evil” and “Dietrich and Maria” to the stage in southern Manitoba. Co-Founder Marc Moir says these were ‘proof-of-concept' shows for Looking Glass Theatre, and they are now looking to the future. 

“We're really excited. After just one year, we're able to announce our first full season of live professional theatre here in southern Manitoba. We just finished up all the behind-the-scenes work that has to happen to make it all go. We have 3 productions that will be coming up here over the course of the next year for folks in the Southeast to come and enjoy.” 

Co-Founder Laura Kathleen Turner says they decided on a three-show season because they wanted to give audiences some diversity but didn’t want to bite off more than they could chew.  

three play posters for Looking Glass Theatre

Looking Glass Theatre’s first full season will kick off in October with “Treasure Island” as adapted by Scot Moir who also wrote “Dietrich and Maria”.  

Then, in February, Moir says they will be doing a two-person comedy called Mr. And Mrs. Nobody.  

“This show premiered in the 1980s with Judy Dench in the lead role, which is very, very cool.” He adds “We're excited to do it and we're pretty sure it's the Canadian premiere of this hilarious play. If you like British TV, if you like dry British humour, this show is for you.” 

And finally, Kathleen Turner says “We're ending the season in April with "The Pilgrims Progress”, which Marc adapted, and we're really excited about. It's a really action-packed adaptation of one of the most successful books of all time.” 

She notes they believe audiences of all ages will really enjoy all three of these shows. 

“These were the biggest crowd pleasers that we could think of and, of course, what we're trying to do with our first season is get as many people into the theatre as we can because this is something new and exciting that we're doing in the community and we want to add to the already flourishing art scene that's here.” 

a woman holds a lanyard with a Looking Glass Theatre pass Laura Kathleen Turner shows off a season ticket for Looking Glass Theatre

All three shows will debut at the Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach before Looking Glass Theatre brings them on the road to Morden and Brandon. Moir notes “Theater is all about the audience and so the more audiences we have the opportunity to put our shows in front of, the better.” 

Even though the season only starts in October, Kathleen Turner says all three shows have already been cast.  

“We have a few wonderful, amazing casts for each of our shows, and we cast locally. We just held auditions and they went very well. It was very exciting to meet the talent that's in the community.” 

Moir adds “There's so much talent here and we've hired all Manitoba actors. We think regional theatre should be based on regional talent, so we want to cast with people in their community. We think that's the right approach and we've been very, very pleased with the level of talent.” 

Kathleen Turner notes season tickets are already on sale at the website, and people who get in early will get early bird pricing. She notes they could not be more excited about the upcoming season of theatre.