The Steinbach Arts Council is excited to introduce the Tot's Summer Arts Day Camp. 

Manager of Community Programs Cassandra Kornelsen says the standard Summer Arts Day Camp program has been around for what feels like forever, but it normally only caters to kids ages 5 through 12. 

She says that is about to change. 

“Based on demand and because I love to introduce new programming into the Community, we came up with a new set of camps for ages three and four specifically, and that's going to hit a completely different target of children to come and enjoy our day camps.” 

Kornelsen says the tot's program will run for the same 6 weeks as the regular program but will only be half days. 

“You can either register for the mornings or the afternoons. Just based on the age, and how we run our Arts for Tots Preschool, it's best if they get a few hours of learning and creativity and then they go home and rest. We've set it up as a pilot project this year with this model and then we'll see how it goes and maybe we'll be going full days next year, we'll see.” 

Camila Funes-Giesbrecht is the Assistant Arts Instructor Coordinator at the SAC. She is helping to organize Summer Arts Day Camps with a focus on the 5 to 12 program.  

“It's definitely another big year for us for summer camps.” She adds “It's a really great opportunity for kids to have something great to do during summer, something active, something creative. We have lots of different components in our camps, culinary, theatre, dance, arts and sports. So, we have a little bit for everyone and we're always excited to have all the kids here.” 

As always, Funes-Giesbrecht says they’ve got a different theme for each and every week of camp such as Under the Sea and Jungle Safari. She adds this year they’ve added a few new themes into the mix.  

“Holiday Spirit Week is celebrating a new holiday every day like Christmas or Easter, Halloween, things like that and then we also have another new week and it's called Wild Wild West Week and it's a cowboy and cowgirl inspired week so we're very excited to have that.” 

With both the Tot’s and regular Summer Arts Day Camp programs running at the same time this summer, Kornelsen says “It's going to be a blast and this place will be pumping in every studio, we have to move a camp downstairs, the whole yard will be full of 60-plus kids this summer. It's going to be great.”