Four men from the Steinbach area have been fined for illegal fishing.

On April 29th at approximately 10:20 pm, conservation officers observed a truck with a light bar pull into a wayside park in Westbourne, along the Whitemud River.

According to Manitoba Natural Resources and Northern Development, four men exited the truck wearing headlamps. After shining their lights into the water for a while, they started to actively dip-net walleye, which is illegal. Walleye season also happened to be closed at the time and is only reopening in that area on May 13th.

The four men from the Steinbach area were each issued two tickets, with fines totalling $2,066 and restitution charges totalling $1,092. 

In addition, conservation officers gave a verbal warning for unlawfully transporting liquor in the back seat of the truck.

A total of 26 walleye and five dip-nets were seized.

The walleye was donated to a personal care home.