The Recreational Services Manager for the Town of Ste. Anne says she is looking forward to the outdoor rink being paved this summer. 

Sarah Normandeau notes this is great news that has been a long time coming.  

“We redid the outdoor rink already two summers ago and it's always been a dream to pave it and to add basketball Nets and basketball lines and things like that and I think that it's just going to allow one more really great opportunity for kids to be able to go in and play a sport where they don't have to go to the schools and they don't have to get a gym space.” 

At the moment, Normandeau says she does not know the timeline for the project but knows it is in this year’s budget. She adds these upgrades will also provide the community with new recreational opportunities.  

“It opens up opportunity for me to bring in some really good basketball facilitators, which I've had on my list for a long time to come and do workshops and even camps. It just gives you a little bit more room to play with, it's really exciting.” 

Not only will it benefit the basketball community, but Normandeau says it should also have a positive effect on the ice. 

“With outdoor rinks you can only do the best with what you have weather-wise. Hopefully this will allow our ice to stay a little bit longer and maybe make it easier to build in the beginning of the season as well.” 

Meanwhile, as we head toward summer, Normandeau says the skate park is up and running and hundreds of kids are taking part it local baseball and soccer programs that should be kicking off shortly.  

Normandeau says, like last year, the Town of Ste. Anne won’t be running any summer day camps but they are supporting other organizations that have camps planned. 

“We have our local daycare called Children of the Universe, they are offering summer day camps at the arena this year over the summer. They have all their different weeks lined up and then we have Phoenix Cheer, they also offer summer day camps with different camp themes, and they have tons of fun over there as well.” 

Finally, Normandeau says Aethos Taekwondo is offering three weeks of summer day camps. She notes these are great organizations that the town is happy to support.