Ste. Anne Hospital Fund had their first annual Honour Gala earlier this month at the Niverville Heritage Centre. 

Marc Charrière, Executive Director of the Fund’s board of directors, says they had 164 people attend and they were able to raise just over $20,000 for the Ste. Anne Hospital Fund. 

"Part of it is it helps us pay for any work or any repairs or maintenance of the Ste. Anne Heliport. And it also goes into our general fund to be able to set this money aside for future projects for the hospital.” 

He says he’s received a lot of positive feedback from those who attended. 

“People really enjoyed the program. We had a special ceremony to honor Maurice Chaput for the work he did for the Ste. Anne Heliport. And we were able to unveil a plaque that will be set up in the hospital. And then we had a video honoring him.” 

The plaque that will be set up in the Ste. Anne Hospital.The plaque that will be set up in the Ste. Anne Hospital.

At the end of the evening, they had a comedian to make for a fun night. 

“And we had a wine pool where people were able to purchase tickets to win different kinds of wines. So it was a really good evening and people enjoyed themselves.” 

La Broquerie Councillor Laurent Tétrault was in attendance, and notes he was mentioned alongside Leo Charriere.  

“I was asked to stand up because I'm one of the first babies born at the Ste. Anne Hospital. Not that I'm happy that I'll be 70 years old, but it opened in the summer of 1954 and I was born in October. Mr. Charriere was also honored to be one of the first babies, and he was born in November.” 

Tétrault says the money raised at the banquet benefits of all the people of Southeast Manitoba. 

“The Ste. Anne Hospital is a very important part of the francophone community, but a lot of people go there, and we're hoping that one day Ste. Anne Hospital will be a Regional Hospital.” 

Charrière expresses his gratitude for the community’s support. 

“I'm really happy that people were able to come down and we're really thankful to have many sponsors that were able to help us out.”