Two people from Ste. Anne had to be rescued Sunday after their vehicle went through the ice on Lake Winnipeg.

Selkirk Area RCMP were notified at 7:30 am that two people were stranded. Officers attended immediately.

Police say that in order to locate the individuals, they spoke to them by cell phone and had them watch for emergency lights on the RCMP vehicle. Officers had to use extreme caution while travelling over the ice due to the thin ice and open water in some areas.

When the individuals saw the police lights, they carefully walked towards the officers, as the ice was too thin where they were located, for officers to drive to them.

The two made it safely to police and were transported to Selkirk. Police say neither of them was physically injured.

According to police, the 41-year-old male and a 40-year-old female from Ste. Anne had been travelling on Lake Winnipeg in their SUV to their regular ice fishing spot. Without warning, their vehicle went through the thin ice.

"We want to remind everyone that with warming temperatures and uncertain ice thickness, it is not safe to be out on the ice at this time, especially not in a vehicle," says Corporal Chris Kabernick of the Selkirk Area RCMP. "Not only are you putting your own life in danger, but the lives of the first responders who come to assist you. Stay off the ice."

The vehicle was recovered by a tow company.