A one-year-old charity from St. Pierre has partnered with one that has been established for more than three decades in order to impact as many kids as possible.

Enabled Outdoors held a family ATV event last summer (photo credit: Jason Dyck).Jason Dyck says he began Enabled Outdoors last year with the hope of providing diseased and disabled children and their families the means of adventuring outside.

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Since then, he says, they have hosted a family fishing day in Lac Du Bonnet, a family ATV day in Woodridge, and a family camping trip in St. Malo. In their first year as an organization Enabled Outdoors helped and connected more than 300 people. Dyck says he was expecting to reach 25.

To help those unprecedented numbers continue to rise, Dyck says he has teamed up with the Dream Factory, a non-profit that specializes in making the dreams of chronically ill kids come true.

“It is a really big announcement for us,” says Dyck. “What it means is that our Enabled Outdoors kids who they have life-threatening illnesses are going to be able to receive dreams from the dream factory and the Dream Factory kids will be able to experience the Enabled Outdoor events that we hold.”

By banding together as they are, Dyck believes the two non-profits will unite more families and stimulate more friendships among kids who are struggling through similar circumstances.

“Really, it's going to put a lot more smiles on a lot more kids’ faces.”