The minor baseball season is right around the corner and local organizations are getting ready. 

Kim Stott with Steinbach Minor Baseball says the baseball season is always a high point in her year. 

“Community ball is inclusive, it's fun, it's relaxed, you're outside, and you're making friends, both kids and parents. I think it promotes family involvement.” 

She adds “For the little kids, it's a scheduled day on their calendar, they're looking forward to it, they put on the uniform and gather their equipment and they get to spend time outside in the fresh air, getting exercise, playing with friends, learning new skills with these huge family groups cheering them on.” 

For the older kids, Stott says those things all apply, but the play is more intense and the kids are able to build on those foundations and hone their skills.  

Stott says Steinbach Minor Baseball is also great for families because most of their programs wrap up at the end of school, so they don’t get in the way of summer vacation plans. And if kids are interested in playing more, they can play in summer with Carillon Minor Baseball. 

Regarding the Steinbach Minor Baseball schedule, Stott says “most of the divisions, the game schedule starts in mid-May and goes to end of June, but as soon as we can get on the diamonds, as soon as the City of Steinbach lets us on the diamonds, we'll get out there.” 

Meanwhile, Sarah Normandeau says in many ways, Ste. Anne Minor Baseball is still fairly new. 

“I grew up playing baseball and that's why I got involved in 2014 when we brought it back to Ste. Anne. It hadn’t been here for a decade or more, and it just started with one team, and we just kept adding.” 

Normandeau says the program is now thriving.  

“We have the Rally Cats, we have the Grand Slam, we have the 11U, the 13U and now we're adding the 15U which is a whole new ball game for us. And then we have three female teams too.” 

The Rally Cats is the youngest program for ages 4, 5, and 6. Normandeau says for that age category, parents are very hands on and the whole experience is collaborative. 

Anyone interested in signing their kids up for baseball in Steinbach is encouraged to email for more information.  

If you would like to sign your kids up for baseball in Ste. Anne, you can follow this link