After 181 days, Niverville’s 36,000 sq ft Community Resource and Rec Centre (CRRC) Fieldhouse new flooring is in, repairs are complete, and as of Tuesday, November 28, it is once again open to the public.

CRRC Manager, Warren Britton says everyone is excited.

“We are opening the AMF Fieldhouse again, which is something we've been waiting for, for quite a while, both on the programming side, as well a lot of our facility renters are quite anxious to get back in the building as well.”

Niverville CRRC fieldhouse, water damages flooringBefore water damage to Niverville CRRC Fieldhouse flooring (left), repairs underway (right) 

Six months ago, during a Futsal tournament, a soccer ball hit a sprinkler-head and broke it, causing significant water damage to the floor. 

Then on Monday, August 14, after numerous attempts to dry the flooring, it was decided to remove the water-damaged two-year-old hardwood from Fieldhouse courts one and court two, while saving the wood on court three.  

Now that work is complete, and the Fieldhouse open once again, Britton says,  

“Ultimately, accidents happen. We learn from things, and we've made some changes. So, hopefully we don't see this happen again. But it's been a frustrating few months, for sure.”

Britton notes one of the first sports happening in the fieldhouse will be Jiu-Jitsu and then volleyball.

He notes they wrapped up construction with putting the final finishing coat on this past Friday, November 24.

“They had suggested that we just leave it through the weekend. The drying time on it was 24 hours, but they suggested, you know, wait two or three days just to get a bit of a better dry time on it just to make sure it was fully sealed and perfect. And then Monday morning and into the afternoon, they were in just putting the baseboards back on around the exterior and doing some final cleaning.”

Click the link to find more information Fieldhouse or CRRC Facility rentals and find more details on CRRC Winter programming here.  


With files from Kenton Dyck


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